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Seed Money to SHG/UG

Regarding Purchase of Materials Through Tender in IWMP Scheme

Revised AS & FS of IWMP Projects Batch 2010-11

Corrigendum regarding Bid Submission End Date and Technical Bid Opening Date of MEL&D Tender

Office Order No. 3043-3190 Dated 10.03.2014

Transfer & Posting Order of Joint Director/SE

Transfer & Posting Order of Deputy Director/XEn

NIB-4/2013-14 of P.S. Tijara (Alwar)

NIB-3/2013-14 of P.S. Tijara (Alwar)

NIB-2/2013-14 of P.S. Tijara (Alwar)

NIB-1/2013-14 of P.S. Tijara (Alwar)

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC Churu

Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes of MEL&D Tender

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC Dungarpur

Corrigendum of MEL&D Tender

EOI from Voluntary/Non-Govt. Organization to Setup an External MEL&D System for Batch I to IV Watershed Development Projects under IWMP in Rajasthan

Tender of Photostat Work

Tender of Stationery and Computer Accessories

Tender of P.S. Itawa (Kota)

Office Order No. 2093-2185 Dated 28.01.2014

Panel of WDT Members of WCDC,Jhalawar

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC Jhalawar

Tender of P.S. Chaksu (M.R. Morarka)

Revised Tender of P.S. Ladpura (Kota)

Panel of WDT Members of WCDC Jaipur

Advertisement for WDT Members in IWMP Projects for Bikaner

Tender of P.S. Khajuwala (Bikaner)

3-Tier Monitoring System Formats for IWMP Scheme

Interview of WDT Members of Jaipur WCDC

Tender of P.S. Sikrai (Dausa)

Post Creation in WDSC Department

Office Order No. 5265-5411 Dated 18.09.2013

JEn Confirmation Order No. 2876-3121 Dated 01.10.2013

Office Order No. 1493-1545 Dated 26.09.13

Office Order No 4711-4855 Dated 30.08.2013

Circuler No.4343-4457 Dated 12.08.2013

Compliance of Procurement Act 2012 and Rule 2013 for Material Purchase in Watershed Works

Office Order No. 4056-4105 Dated 30.07.2013

Order No. 3672-816 Dated 16.07.2013

Order No.2658-718 Dated 15.07.2013

Order No. 2858-2965 Dated 10.07.2013

Order No. 9501-115 Dated 09.07.2013

Order No. 483-527 Dated 02.07.2013

Direction of First Regional Review Meeting

Rate Analysis of GKN Items.

Office Order No. 1173-1479 Dated 24.05.2013

Utilization of State Share of IWMP Scheme Year 2012-13

Office Order No. 751-1056 Dated 01.05.2013

Office Order 6973-7299 Dated 29.04.2013

Social Audit under IWMP Schemes

Standard Bidding Documents of Procurement Portal

Order No 5933-6314 Dated 10.04.2013

Office Order No. 38-345 Dated 08.04.2013

Office Order 2161-2205Dated 26.02.2013

Office Order 1847-2131 Dated 22/02/2013

Order No. 3668-3815 Dated 22.02.2013

Order No 1723-1837 Dated 21.02.2013

IWMPMIS Online Data Entry by MIS Manager of MGNREGA

Office Order 1036-1284 Dated 06.02.2013

Order No. 819-1071 Dated 29.01.2013

Office Order No. 1335 Dated 29.01.2013

Office Order No. 1054 Dated 29.01.2013

Office Order No. 10094-10127 Dated 29.01.2013

Office Order No. 767-813 Dated 28.01.2013

Office Order No. 140-580 Dated 22.01.2013

Establishment of Sub-Commitee Office under IWMP Scheme

Office Order 8676-87 Dated 11.12.12

Office Order No. 9032-64 Dated 07.12.12

Reallocation of Post

Maintenance of Solar Lights

Non-functional Solar Light Information

Revised New Livelihood MIS Formats

Circular No. 6740-6822 Dated 11.09.2012.

Circular No. 8106-8326 Dated 07.09.2012.

Circular No. 6692-6737 Dated 07/09/2012.

Sub-Committee (Watershed) under IWMP

Circular No. 5227-5307 Dated 13.08.12

Circular No. 5146-5226 Dated 13.08.12

Circular No. 5064-5145 Dated 13.08.12

Circular No. 4982-5063 Dated 13.08.12

Maintenance of Solar Light under EPA Work of IWMP Scheme

Purchasing of Construction Goods under IWMP Scheme

Guideline for Training under IWMP Projects

Guidelines for Preparing DPR of IWMP Projects

Maintenance of Solar Light under IWMP Scheme

Office Letter No. 1761-1973 Dated 10.07.2012

Office Order no. 3296-3319 Dated 29.06.2012

Right to Information Order

Hiring of Vehicles under IWMP Scheme

Creation of Watershed Sub-Committee at Gram Panchayat Level

Live Stock Activities-2 in IWMP

Live Stock Activities-1 in IWMP

Office Setup under IWMP

DDO Power to AEn of PIA

Use of Machines in IWMP Watershed Works

Directions for Animal Health Camps in IWMP Watersheds

Office Order 117-675 Dated 02.03.2012.

Office Order No. 75-115 Dated 01.03.2012

Increase the AEn of PIAs DDO Limit

Re-Allocation of the Post of Assistant Engineer in IWMP Projects

Rural Development Schemes

Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India provides funds for Desert Development Programme (DDP),Drought prone area development programme (DPAP), and for Integrated Wasteland Development Programme(IWDP) and Combating Desertification Project(CDP)

Initiated implementing these special area developmental programmes for the purpose of water harvesting in drought prone, desert and rainfed area in a participatory mode that seeks to secure close involvement of the user's committees.

DDP - Started in 1977-78

DPAP - Started in 1973-74

IWDP - Started in 1989

CDP-Started in 1999-2000

Common guidelines were framed & brought into force for Rural Development Schemes (i.e. DDP,DPAP & IWDP) watershed for the implementation as below :

  • Guidelines for watershed development - Effected from 1st April, 1995
  • Revised Guidelines - Effected from August, 2001
  • Guidelines for Hariyali - Effected from 1st April, 2003 which seeks to empower the PRI's both administratively and financially in the implementation of the watershed development programme in persuance to 73rd & 74th Amendments to the constitution of India.


Broad Features of RD Schemes

Name of Schemes


Sponsoring Ministry at GOI Level

Govt. of India, Ministry of Rural Development Department of Land Resources, New Delhi.

Nodal department at State level

Rural Development Department, Rajasthan.

Nodal agency at dist. level

Zila Parishad.

Implementing agency at village level

Gram Panchayat.

Operating Guidelines

1.Guidelines for watershed development - Effected from 1st April, 1995

2.Revised guidelines 2001 - Effected from August, 2001

3.Guidelines for Hariyali - Effected from 1st April, 2003

Cost sharing

GOI     :           GOR

(Grant)           (Share)

                        DDP & CDP    75        :           25

                        DPAP              75        :           25

IWDP         91.67        :           8.33

Funding Channel

GOI  -à Zila Parishad -à 1. PIA (for Adm. cost, community mobilization & training)

2. Gram Panchayat (for Adm. cost & Works)

Demand of next installment

1st Installment - It shall be released along with the project sanction

Next Installment - Further installments shall be released when the unutilised balance is not more then 50% of the previous installment released

Coverage Area

1.  DDP (16 Districts, 85 blocks)

Ajmer, Barmer, Bikaner, Churu, Hanumangarh, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur, Nagour, Pali, Rajsamand, Sikar, Sirohi & Udaipur

2.  DPAP (11 Districts, 32 blocks)

Ajmer, Banswara, Baran, Bharatpur, Dungarpur, Jhalawar, Karouli, Kota, S.Madhopur, Tonk & Udaipur

3.  IWDP (Non DDP & DPAP blocks)

Ajmer, Alwar, Bharatpur, Bhilwara, Bundi, Baran, Dausa, Dholpur, Jaipur, Kota, Rajsamand,

CDP ( Combating Desertification Project) (10 districts)

  • Barmer, Bikaner, Churu, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jhunjhunu, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali, Sikar

Implementation period

5 Yrs from the date of sanction by GOI.

Area of Watershed

•  500 ha. for DDP and DPAP, More then 5000 ha. for IWDP. In CDP Unit Area is not restricted to 500 ha but one work as per proposal.

Cost norms

Rs. 6,000/- per ha. for DDP DPAP & IWDP  In CDP there is no restriction  on Unit Cost per ha. unit cost approved by SLCC is taken

Release of Project Funds by ZP/DRDA to Project Implementation Agency (PIA) & Gram Panchayat (GP)






Component Break-up

% Break-up






Adm. Cost


Community Development & training




Adm. Cost









Adm. Cost


Community Development & training




Adm. Cost









Adm. Cost


Community Development & training




Adm. Cost









Adm. Cost




Adm. Cost









Adm. Cost




Adm. Cost




#       PIA (Adm) - 5%, GP (Adm) - 5%, CO & Trg. - 5%, Works - 85%

Focus of the Schemes

(a) Watershed Treatment /Conservation works /production Activities (85%)

(b) Community Mobilization & Training (5%)

(c) Administrative Over-head. (10%)

Funding Pattern in CDP:

  •  Works                                                         92.5%
  •  Training and Community Organisation          3%
  •  Administration                                             4.5%
    • Zila Parishad                            0.2%
    • Forest deptt (PIA)                    4.3%

• Out of the total fund, 50% is allocated to DDP districts as per the normal guidelines and other 50% is earmarked for CDP works in ten desert districts

First Year                     15%

Second Year                30%

Third Year                    30%

Fourth Year                  15%

Fifth Year                     10%

Total                           100%  


• Administrative Sanction- GOI .

• Financial Sanction- Zilla Parishad

• Technical Sanction Chief Conservator of Forest

• Constitution of VFPMCs(Village forest protection and management committees)

• WDT- Not required

• Works are to be implemented as per guidelines issued by GOI, MORD( DoLR)

• Execution starts after accordance of AS/FS/TS through VFPMCs.

Pert Chart of Activities

Allotment of project  from GOI to Zila Parishad

  • By Zila Parishad

Selection of watershed

Appointment of PIA

Approval of DPR and its Action Plan (treatment plan)

Maintenance of watershed project accounts

  • By CEO, Zila Parishad

Release of funds to PIA & GP

Progress reports monthly &quarterly

Demand of next installment to GOR -> GOI

Utilisation certificate

Audit of accounts

Formation of WDT for technical guidance (Agriculture/Civil engineer, Agriculture, Animal Science, Social Scientist)

  • PIA

Training to WDT, GP members, SHG, UG, beneficiaries as related to watershed and community mobilization.

PRA exercise for selection of activities in the watershed, planning of watershed project.

Technical examination and submission of DPR to Zila Parishad

After issuing technical & financial sanction to start the work of PIA & watershed development activities.

Preparation & technical examination of action plan of watershed treatment plan.

  • WDT

Physical and financial targets achievement (yearwise) under the project.

Preparation of road map.

Definite time frame for each major activities.

Technological interventions for proposed activities.

Specific success criteria for each activity.

Clear exit protocol.

Gram Sabha meeting

-à GP

Formation of Self Help Groups, User's Group, with the help of WDT.

Engagement of Van Rakshak and Volunters

Execution of watershed activities under the guidence and control of the Gram Sabha.

Co-ordination and liaison with WDT, PIA & ZP for smooth implementation.

Making payment.

Maintinence of separate project account &WDF A/c  for watershed project

Account will be operated jointly by Gram Panchayat Secretary and Gram Panchayat Chairman.

Maintinance of all records and accounts of project activities.



Monthly Progress Report
18 Years Plan for Rainfed & Watershed Area Development
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