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Government Order Dated 22.09.2015

Agreement & Work Order issued to The Institute of Public Auditors of India, Jaipur for Internal Audit of Watershed Development & Soil Conservation

Transfer Order No. 11873-12036 Dated 30.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11818-11872 Dated 30.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11769-11817 Dated 30.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11555-66 Dated 18.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11495-11514 Dated 15.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11481-11494 Dated 15.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11471-11480 Dated 15.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11353-11452 Dated 15.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11211-11351 Dated 15.06.2015

Transfer Order No. 11163-11210 Dated 13.06.2015

Transfer Order 11141-60 Dated 11.06.2015

Transfer Order 10913-11084 Dated 09.06.2015

Cancellation of Statutory Auditor for WD&SC Deptt. Rajathan for the F.Y. 2014-15.

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC, Pratapgarh

WDT Selection List, PM WCDC, Jaipur

Comparative Statement for Chara Kutti Machine, Zila Parishad, Karoli

Revised WDT Member of AH for Rajsamand

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC,Jaipur

1571 Posts of Department due to Re-Organizationof 330 Post of Ministrial Cadre

Corrigendum of WDT Membes for WCDC, Pratapgarh.

Interview of WDT Members of WCDC,Sirohi

Re-Organisation of 330 Posts of Ministral Staff in WDSC

Post of WDT Members in Bhilwara

Abolish of Post at Different Level in WDSC

Work Order for MELD

Letter of Acceptance MELD Tender

Transfer Order No 5553-5670 Dated 19.12.2014

Transfer Order No 5527-40 Dated 19.12.2014

Fund Release under IWMP Batch-IV (2012-13)

Transfer Order No. 5079-84 Dated 13.11.2014

62 Posts of Non-Plan Kept-in-Abeyance

Financial Bid Opening Date of MELD Tender

Transfer Order No. 4809-34 Dated 28.10.2014

Financial Sanction of Batch-3 (Projects Year 2011-12)

Financial Sanction of Batch-5 (Projects Year 2013-14)

Revised Auction Notice (Ajmer)

Transfer Order No. 4561-96 Dated 18.10.2014

Transfer Order No. 4337-4366 Dated 16.10.2014

Transfer Order No. 4046-4336 Dated 16.10.2014

Transfer Order No. 4058-4075 Dated 16.10.2014

Office Order No. 4049-57 Dated 15.10.2014

Technical Evaluation of MELD Tender and Financial Bid Opening Date

Transfer & Posting Order No. 3933-67 Dated 13.10.2014

Awaiting Posting Order Dated 28.08.2014

Pre-Bid Meeting Minutes of MELD Tender

Additional Charge Order

Transfer Order Dated 16.07.2014

Office Order No. 4230-46 Dated 30.06.2014

Preparation of vegetative works during Mansoon 2014 under IWMP

Transfer Order No. 4130-56 Dated 18.06.2014

Transfer Order Dated 02.06.2014

Transfer & Posting Order of Joint Director/SE

Transfer & Posting Order of Deputy Director/XEn

Post Creation in WDSC Department

JEn Confirmation Order No. 2876-3121 Dated 01.10.2013

Directorate of Watershed and Soil Conservation, Rajasthan
Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan

Shri Surendra Goyal
Hon'ble Rural Development & Panchayat Raj,Minister Rajasthan

Monthly Progress Report
18 Years Plan for Rainfed & Watershed Area Development
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Nodal Officer
: Shri Heera Lal Rai, Joint Director (MIES),Tel. No. 0141-2227040 / 5188155 / 9414727336 (Mobile No.) Email Address :- jdmies.wdsc@rajasthan.gov.in
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